Client Experiences

I called on an ad for a mopar business coupe. The car wasn't perfect for me but in talking to the seller (Josh) I found he had a deep knowledge of exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. He offered to find the car I was seeking and within a week he located one I loved. Josh vetted the car and the seller and negotiated a price I was happy with. We secured the car, had it shipped out to my place and it's in its new happy home with its classic brothers and sisters. I'll definitely use Josh / Cx3 in the future as I build my collection. CD North Dakota
I am a longtime collector. I purchased a Shelby Cobra replica advertised by Cx3. I communicated extensively with Josh during the process but never saw the car in person. He helped me to inspect and purchase the car, arrange the financing and transportation to my house, half way across the country. The process was very smooth and the car was actually better than I expected. Since then, I have purchased more cars for my collection using Cx3’s services. All have been excellent. Josh actually saved me from a major scam in which I nearly transferred a very large sum for a vintage corvette that was advertised by a fraudster with a very convincing scam. It was a very close call… THANK YOU JOSH 🙂 YR Colorado
I'm an Australian looking to import a C5 Corvette. A friend of mine who has brought in American muscle several times already recommended Josh & passed me his details. I gave Josh a call & had a good chat to him about what I was after. He seemed to know his stuff. He got straight on the case and within a matter of hours had 5 for me to check out with good descriptions. We both agreed on what we thought was the best of the lot & Josh had the owner send me detailed a pictures and video. The car was exactly what I was after. Josh spoke further with the owner and got the deal done at the right price. Talking further with Josh I mention I had always wanted to travel USA in a classic Trans Am. He said no problem and again was all over it. He found me a beautiful white 1979 Trans Am with a flawless finish and a beautifully reworked motor & again we struck a great deal. I have just finished a 4500 mile trip last week. I am in love with this car. 4500 miles in 12 days, through 9 states and never missed a beat. The car ran like a dream. I'm looking forward to my next adventure in at when I come back out to USA in November. I'm also planning on doing The Bandit Run in May 2023. I've waited 45 years to be do this since seeing the first movie. Thank you Josh for your part in making a lifelong dream happen. I'd certainly recommend Josh/ CX3 for anyone looking to add to their collection. I'll certainly be back. SB Austrailia
I have known Josh for many years, prior to his starting Cx3. He has assisted me with several car related projects. He has sourced exotic and collector cars for me, facilitated transactions, and sold a number of my cars. In every case Josh's services have met or exceeded my expectations. Now more than ever, a reliable company like Cx3 is invaluable when it comes to dealing with collector car and automotive issues. I highly recommend Josh and Cx3. GS Los Angeles
I enlisted Cx3 recently to procure a vintage Mustang as a surprise for my wife. She wanted a replica of the car she drove in a high school so my criteria for the car were quite specific. I searched for over a year myself with no luck before securing Cx3's services. They were able to find and procure a pristine example for us within a month. My wife is thrilled and so am I. During the process, Josh also gave me some valuable advice and resources to save me literally thousands of dollars on service for another of my more modern cars. What a fabulous experience! AK Philadelphia