Our Services

Cx3 offers a wide variety of automotive-related services covering nearly every need related to all motor vehicles.
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We’re a team of automotive enthusiasts with a passion for what we do.


Cx3 has a vast worldwide network of collectors, private sellers, specialty dealers/brokers as well as decades of experience in uncovering the hard to find gems and dealing with Internet sellers. Our track record for locating client’s desired vehicles is 100%.


We have expert experience inspecting new, used, classic and collector vehicles. We know what to look for in the vehicles themselves and the sellers. Most importantly we know how to document our findings and communicate those to our clients. We can inspect your local vehicle, travel to inspect in person, and hire qualified 3rd parties as appropriate.


Knowing the market, realistic values, and how to communicate with the other party(s) is an art. We have decades of experience in negotiating with new and used car dealers, private sellers, collectors, and estates. We are generally able to garner better pricing than most individuals and most times our fees are more than covered by the money saved by the client in utilizing our services.


Purchasing a vehicle should be pretty easy and straight forward… sadly it is not. The process can vary significantly depending on the circumstances. We have vast experience purchasing New, Used, Specialty, and Collector vehicles in.most states and abroad. We can facilitate the purchase and or guide our clients through the process regardless of the situation.


Cx3 has a vast network of marketing and advertising resources as well collectors and private buyers/clients. We can guide you through the process and/or facilitate it for you. Generally we are able to garner higher sale prices than individual sellers. Most times our fees are more than covered by the increased price we are able to generate.


We have excellent resources to transport vehicles nationwide and abroad.

Registration Transfer

Registering vehicles can be quite tricky, especially classic and vintage. The process and procedures can vary wildly from state to state. We have vast experience and resources to guide our clients and facilitate the process. We generally succeed where others fail.


We have over 40 years experience in restoring vehicles to any level, from daily driver to conours. We can advise , consult, and facilitate the process with a nationwide network of qualified providers.


We have vast knowledge of customizing trends and resources. We can consult, guide, and facilitate the process with our nationwide network of qualified providers.


Vehicle detailing is an art unto itself. We can consult, guide, and facilitate the process with our nationwide network of qualified providers

Repair / Service

Having vehicles repaired and serviced has become a treacherous and daunting experience. Even on new cars and especially classics. We regularly save our clients thousands of dollars and incredible aggravation/anxiety with our vast knowledge of the industry and how things work. Our fees are always more than covered by the savings we provide for our clients.